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As I said before, I have been working like crazy these past months, but look at me; I am unwinding with a puter. Despite that it is a little sad, because we had a few folks who left the firm, voluntary and involuntary, and another one who went to Lordy-that’s another post.

So yes, we had a few separations from the firm this month; three left of their own accord-one to work with the competition and the two to set up their consulting firm, the last and the youngest was a victim of this economy. Because he didn’t have that much experience, he didn’t have that expertise to work on other projects in other locations without a mentor.

The first left after almost 20 years of service, he grew up with the firm from one office to another until he landed in the Bay Area and eventually left. He was a little jaded with the way that the office is heading, not realizing that it is reaction to the evolving market. He asked me, what he needs to change about the way he was at work.  Note that technical people have a different way of looking at things; they are pretty driven into getting the results, expecting more grey matter and less of the people-y issues.

Told him that maybe, it is better to relate more to people, compassion, and respect are important, a happy employee, makes a happy worker therefore a better worker. He realized that we do think alike, told him that it is generational ha ha ha.  He was having mixed feelings not wanting to leave, with the idea that he is leaving his family.

The two who were going to set up shop with their names on the letterhead was a little apprehensive and excited about what lies ahead. They were also sorry to leave-when the bossman said, “it’s business as usual and the two week notice is waived”, they didn’t feel so bad after that. I reacted a little negatively, I would have wanted him to be a little gooey, but no he was worried am sure of the revenue, they were 100% billable, ha ha.

Then the last one sits next to me, we review the day’s events was telling him to hang in there, it will get better.  It didn’t, then, he had to go. He can say, “Better to have it happen, early on in my career.”

Oh, there is another one, a satellite in the North Bay closed, the technical folks can telework but the admin staff has to go and she was even working part time.

I am again being reminded that no matter how much we prepare for tomorrow, His will shall prepare. See, you may have a lot of money in the bank at the wrong turn of the economy it will be gone.

Oh gee, I am just babbling here without a point a forced clobut sing.


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