>Expiration Date

>I know I talked about this before, expiration date–milk cartons, tickets, relationships. This time it is about life, life has a tendency of giving up on us. People who are important to us, people we know or know of. Life passing us by.

This certainly reminded me of my own vulnerability, that nothing is permanent. The previous months we have several politicians, entertainment personalities, and many others who are in the media. Then there are the ones who are close to us.

My mom’s friend passed, the CEO of my company, the guy that would have been–all of cancer. It is really sad, that the world is inundated with this big, black word, CANCER, it seems to be the norm and being healthy is the anomaly. I don’t know if technology is so advanced that we are discovering all these illneses or the technology is so vast that it is causing these.

Whatever it is, I feel that we should look at life differently, that we should savor life more. Savoring life is not getting drugged and being worldly, it is more of appreciating what is around us. Showing more compassion, by doing so, not being judgmental about it.

Ah, it is sad.

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