>The Contraband


The Scene of the Crime

Some Wednesdays after lunch we would go to this nondescript building behind the burger place in front of our building. At about 12:30, a long line would form on the street leading to this place. You would think that they are queuing for a contraband, something that is illegal. Well dressed, some wearing their work badges, carrying their wallets, patiently waiting, some having just just followed the aroma. In this premises, the best-fresh out of the oven cookies or cobblers, pies are lined up, ready to be devoured.

Indeed, it is a perfect picker-upper, those gloomy Wednesdays where there is no inspiration at all. I know, i know, there is the Specialty’s Coffee shop downstairs and Farley’s Cafe a few doors down. But this place, renders something that is truly desirable. Maybe the defiance to the norm, where the products are beautifully lined in a glass case, tempting the patrons. In this case, the trays are lined in, what looks like cooling racks

This is a new creation, it is a milkshake in a crust, reminiscent of a chocolate drink advertisement, it goes “it is like a chocolate cake that you can drink”. Here, it is like a chocolate drink that you can eat.

There is always the romantic in us, desiring tne nonconformist ways, finding the best sugar source.


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