>Recipe: Arroz Caldo


Last night was movie night, we saw John of the Cross, a wonderful inspiring movie of a Carmelite monk who defied his order, so that he can participate in the movement. The movement, led by St. Therese of Avila, works on a deeper relationship with God.  I resonate with what he said, that we should have less to have more. To ignore the attempts of others to distract oneself, through gossip or other (pedestrian) means. If only it is easy to achieve.

It was a little cold so I thought I’ll let friends have a taste of arroz caldo, it is a Filipino porridge with chicken. Here is a link to a recipe not my own. It is a very filling soup, a meal in itself.


Ginger: I normally freeze my ginger so that it’s available when I need it, for convenience, I grate the ginger using a zester or a cheese grater instead of slicing.  The flavor melds with the other ingredients and does not surprise the diner when accidentally biting on a piece of ginger.

Sweet Rice: When cooking sweet rice, the ratio is 4 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.  If the recipe calls for a lighter consistency it is best to dilute the sweet rice with regular rice.


   tumeric or yellow ginger, regular ginger will work too
   onions — chopped
   green onions
   chicken (drumstick) cut in three (a personal preference, it is easier to cook, cut up chicken
    it is also appetizing)
   fish sauce
   roasted garlic
   ground pepper
   sweet rice
   olive oil
   Lemon juice to season
   optional: hard boiled egg, shelled and added to the porridge when ready to serve.


In a heavy bottom pot, heat the olive oil, caramelize the onions. Put the chicken in the pot, let it cook for a while, add the sweet rice, then add water, noting the proportions mentioned above. It is cooked when a soupy consistency is reached.  Season to taste, the fish sauce complements the porridge well. Add the green onion and roasted garlic when ready to serve.

Eat with lemon, a cold drink of soda or juice go well with this food.


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