>Orangie Food


Lunch at work on last week consisted of a salad, mandarin orange, peach halves and this multigrain chips. It’s funny that I would sometimes prefer canned fruits versus the fresh ones. See, when I was growing up fruits were organic and fresh nothing of the canned variety. So, it is more of a treat than anything else.

Except that the bug killer then was DDT, later on banned from use because of it’s cancer causing properties. Paregoric the cure all stomach ache elixir was also banned because of opium properties. This was banned in the 70’s, boy I grew up with all these. I now remember, merthiolate, merchurochorme, and all the medications then seems to start with sulpha. Sorry, this is so off topic.

I was talking to a friend at breakfast yesterday after mass at Cafe Trieste having rubberized scrambled egg and country potatoes that seem to have seen it’s glory days, I didn’t have what they are known for beautiful cakes and pastries and just delicious.

Anyway, the conversation led to thanksgiving food and how she hated creamed corn. I said that it’s one of my favorites. She said it’s canned and not tasty at all.  That’s when we realize the contrast in our lives, how she liked the organic and fresh foods, while I would approve canned fruits etc, as cited above.

So, where did the orangie food, the topic of this posting come from and going to.  Hey, I didn’t promise that my posts will be sane and flowing correctly.  But do you notice that sometimes the color of the food makes for an appetizing one?  Although, I must admit that the color blue, or any non food color will have no appeal to me.

Are you planning your thanksgiving already? Don’t forget the reason for the holiday, it is not just to gorge on turkey, but to be thankful for what we are and where we are today.

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