>Of tongues and other horrendous delights


Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble. Proverbs 21:23 Indeed this is a very important verse, for if we are not able to watch our mouths and tongues, then we are like animals who has no respect for others and seem to desire their downfall. But then again, somebody said to me if people are interested in talking about others, then they lives are not so interesting that they are trying to divert attention from themselves. It does make sense, huh!

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I had friends over one time and of course conversation led to food, comparing cultures and childhood experiences foodwise.  A friend was talking about a tongue sandwich, and the picture that I painted from that story was this, a sandwich with the rolling stones tongue logo.  The way he was describing it, how nasty it was, just didn’t do much for me.

So after that event, I bugged an artist friend to create an image of that concept, this is after my niece who is into cartonology (invented word) declined my request.  She probably thought that is rather odd, even a perverted one. So my friend, acquiesced and gave me this true to my concept image:

Now, this is a nasty image of a tongue, the grossest picture ever. This was used as a prop in our filming efforts 2 weeks ago, another story for another time,

We have lengua estofada and pastel de lengua, more like a chicken pot pie but it uses tongue as the main recipe.  And the way it is prepared, one will hardly recognize that it is tongue except for the texture. The tongue is thoroughly cleaned and the outer skin removed, such that what is left is a pinkish meat, cut in cubes.

The texture is not quite like meat of beef or pork, it is a little bouncy, not sure about flavor or smell, but it provides a good main ingredient that can blend well with others without overpowering it. Here’s the nutrition facts of a cow’s tongue:


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