Marketing Tactics..

>Do you notice how you can be familiar with goods and services that doesn’t really interest you, from the advertisements, or things that people you know own.  It is called familiarity, cars, for example that we don’t pay attention to, we noticed because we see it a lot on television.

I have observed to that in stores, the sales associates-the ones that are serious about their work, at least will make you think that what they are selling is what you needed, effectively changing your initial decision. The feeling that you get is that the decision is yours too.. ha ha..

Even with the Google adsense, they are paying the blog owner only with clicked ads, but-but, constantly having an item visible on a page, creates a familiarity that intrudes in the sub conscious of the reader and they are hooked.

I thrive on online shopping because there is less intrusion on my mind, I only have my obsession to deal with 🙂 and of course Lordy’s reminder that it is idolatry and is separating me from him.

On another note, do you notice that we are getting spendier with small things, things that has no significance sometimes, sort of a justification that we can’t purchase big ticketed items. Therefore, we are pacifying ourselves with itty bitty ones, totaled comes out the same as the cost of big ticketed item. The self is indeed hard to figure out, the pride is always angling on the top.


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