>Giving Thanks to God…

>Yesterday started on a good note, attended mass officiated by the Bishop. His sermon spoke of the reason for the celebration of Thanksgiving. I didn’t know that the declaration of Thanksgiving as a national holiday. Abe Lincoln declared it as a day to give thanks to God. That amidst all the fighting there is still something to be grateful about. In closing, the Bishop said that he will not be able to greet the parishioners after mass as he will be on a rush to fly to San Diego to be with his family. I had to smile, I forgot that the Bishop is “human”, I now wonder how he relates to his family. Does his mother say, Bishop you don’t an opinion on this issue? Or is he referred to simply as Salvatore? ha ha, that’s a sign of small mind for you,

Anyway, it was my first time to have brined turkey, that was so delicious. It has so much flavor, moist, and is not confusing such that it complements the rest of the menu. We were guests at a friend’s with her son Tyrone. He was so polite that he didn’t asked to be excused at the table, he stayed through tea. Anyway, the stuffing was marvelous, the salad was spinach with dried cherries, mandarin orange, boiled eggs, and home made dressing, will have to ask her for the recipe. There was also mashed potatoes, cheese bread, cranberry sauce, and green beans. This was paired with a good pinot noire.  For dessert there was pumpkin and apple pie. Aside from rinsing the spinach and adding a thickener to the gravy, that is my only contribution to this wonderful meal.

The smaller photos on the side were the crust that L can’t eat as she is sensitive to gluten. We ended up eating more than we should. That was a great celebration of Thanksgiving, except that it was so cold when we left. It was one of the coldest night that it almost felt like I was in East Coast in the dead of winter.
That was a wonderful celebration indeed.

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