Gadgets do we need it: Baster

> had planned on reviewing the gadgets that I have, what works and what doesn’t. When I noticed that Amazon does this, a link to the products it it selling.

In a friend’s kitchen, while K was basting the turkey with her baster, a new one, because she threw away the old one a while back, not having a use for it. L, was mesmerized but what it can do, commenting that there she didn’t know that such a tool existed.

I responded that sometimes the practical cook does not really need that, especially if they are not in America. She is from France and she is reminiscing her grandmother’s cooking.  My family didn’t have too many kitchen gadgets either, until the advent of the motorized appliances. Ha ha, my mom is such a acquirer when it comes to things for the kitchen, sometimes she does not even use, some of which we  kids refer to as “for display only”.

Remember, the marketing tactics post, how the advertisements are designed for us to be familiar with the product and to desire and sometimes obsess with it. It worked for me ha ha, I have obsessed for many a product that at the time that I was purchasing it, I was pretty sure that it will help me with my kitchen chores that I have no recourse but to purchase it. Thing is, I have a small kitchen, which has now extended to the dining area, ready to take over my living room, all for the satisfaction of owning ha ha.. what a consumerist world.  So a baster, is it really needed, how much roasting do we do in a year.  I have a baster too, of course. L said her family uses a spoon, makes sense, tilt the pan a little bit and the drippings is there to baste.

Guess, we can do away with it. Thoughts?


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