>It was Friday, a while ago

> It was just Friday, what happened to it.. I drafted this early Saturday morning and now it’s afternoon and it is still not finished. Anyway, Friday was a wet-morning rush. Cabbie was short-tempered, easily upset, I sensed a hint of African heritage, as I alit from his cab, I told him, “take it eay, it is not worth the effort to be upset”, he smiled and made some excuse, I think, he will be okay and will have a wonderful day haha.

The reason for this mad-dash to work, is because I had a 10:00 meeting with my boss about my performance review, not that there is much to go on,I was only halft time billable, it was a bad year. (that’s why you gotta get a-clickin’my dear, I have to have options ha ha). He said he is happy with my work and that I am on top of the list, not sure how I am rated with my peers because I am the only one who has flexibility.

All these made me look at what I really want to do with the rest of my life.  Well, I went as far  as what I will do for lunch, which was a chinese pork with spinach with a side of rice fare at the Bay Fung Tong Restaurant near my work place.

A little salty, otherwise good, completes the food pyramid requirement


Of course, there has to be diet coke in the mix

1916 Franklin St
(between 19th St & 20th St)
Oakland, CA 94612

Obviously, not my first visit, but this place is efficient, cleaner than most Chinese restaurants. There are more choices too.

I am guessing that to make this, use the following ingredients:

     garlic (minced)
     pork cut into thin strips
     corn starch
     black beans (salted)

Boil the pork in a small pan, water just enough to cover the pork, slow fire so that the pork is cooked without drying the water too soon. Set aside in the corner of the pan, heat a little oil (olive or vegetable) once heated, put the pork back, black beans, a little water, and the minced garlic.  Notice that the garlic was not sauteed, it is to avoid that bitterness caused by over frying. The spinach goes in last. It is cooked, when the spinach is wilted. Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch in water add a little soy sauce then put in the mixture in the pan.


Friday, is also the last day of one of our GIS experts, he is moving to another consulting company, one that we also use to comply with the MBE/WBE requirements. Anyway, we were suppose to meet at this new bar on Grand Avenue, called Era, I said I will go, but decided at the last minute not to..

Friday evening on the next post…

Word of the wise, don’t worry about the small stuff, you are responsible for your actions, your words as they are with theirs. Let your actions and your words bother you, not theirs.


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