>Philippine Products Sold at the Whole Foods Market

>I know, I know, that are trade agreements, export deals, so it is really nothing especial but a business deal, but it still makes me proud that I am using Philippine products, manufactured ahe nd all in the Philippines. I take a bow, h aha..

The fruit looks like key lime but has a distinct sourness to it, we are a culture that uses a lot of dips and calamansi is always mixed with soy sauce or fish sauce.

There is also the muscovado sugar one of the largest items exported from the Philippines. This is sugar from the sugar cane, I remember when my vegetarian friend T was looking for veg sugar and I said how could sugar go wrong, I didn’t know then that there is a multitude of varieties. Sugar from palm tree, from beets, from maple, and sugar cane.
So, I take a bow for the Philippines for the travels that its sugar has done. 
Sweet dreams.

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