>Of Grief and Lamentations

>Saturday, I was catching up with movies from Netflix, a lot of soppy romance movies, I’m telling you. A good excuse not to do laundry. It was almost mid-day when I woke up, so I tossed the idea of running errands, and a walk around the lake to burn off the gained calories during the week.

In the middle of the Dear John movie, a friend called, asking me to accompany her to purchase an iphone 4. So off we went, me wanting to trade my old iphone, there was a deal going on at AT&T buy two accessories, get one free.

We left the store happy, then off to dinner, I sugested Long Life in Piedmont, an inexpensive Japanese restaurant, but alas, it has closed. I didn’t even notice, it was Miechelle’s find, it has been a favorite, which turned out to be our once a month place, until she passed.

So we landed at Holly’s Mandarin Kitchen, the food was great, service was perfect and the food presentation was wonderful. There’s nothing to elaborate on the food, these are comfort foods, familiar, flavors that does not surprise or assault the senses, perfect for a cool evening to update with friends.

Seafood combo, steamed and dipped in soy sauce with lemon

Mongolian beef, not spicy
For dessert, it was fried banana with coconut ice cream with a side of grapes

Drink of choice: Diet Coke

Holly’s Mandarin
(510) 652-9678
4080 Piedmont Ave

Oakland, CA 94611

While she was happy with her accomplishments, she was able to buy a brand new car with a five thousand dollar deposit, got her new iphone, and was able to purchase land, vehicles for the business, and is building a house in the Philippines, she is almost giddy that she felt like she has arrived. Of course she credits Lordy for all this, but why are some people not happy with what she has. There is an apparent jealosy, of envy.. hmmmm I griped that if only there is no jealosy, the world will be happy place to live in.  To which she readily responded, öf course, or Satan will have nothing else to do”.

True, life is indeed a plate of Chinese noodles, too plain without the sauce, the sauce provides the flavors, melded otherwise it will not be palatable.

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