>Thoughtful recipes: Saturday fritata and blueberry muffins


Saturday was the last day of our Bible Study for the year, it has evolved a great many times.  Now, people are moving on, a friend and I decided to stick to it, since we have declared every other Saturday, as time reserved for that purpose and to hang out, discover new restaurants, scour through repurpose items, look for interesting craft items, pray, and adore Him. It has bee 5 years for me, to others more. It has seen happier moments, of babies, marriages, of someone’s passing, the breakdown of marriages, travels, life – trials and tribulations.

I was finishing making breakfast, in between talking about old age, personal summers, and the requirements for a successful aging, personality. Which I beg to differ, personality is the result of environment and its influences, even chemical imbalance in the brain, whereas character breeds from the soul.

A podcasted HBR interview on the Starbucks turnaround from the brink of destruction to a continuing growth, touched on social construction and social constructivism. If I remember correctly, this was a 1976 sociology theory. Social construction, it seems is a response to certain scenarios. Clearly, a response to external reaction,  or the general precepts, that unconsciously forms our opinions. Is it cultural? It is not too individualistic because it is being formed from what is obvious.  This is of course, different from the infantile attitude where one is bereft of rational or logical way of thinking. Rather. the thinking process is centered on emotions, which when examined closely is more of the id.  An unChristian way to do, or the Michavellian way where it is not just the attention that is sought but how they will benefit though fair means or foul. For some reason, CS Lewis”‘ Mere Christianity, came to mind. Where he said, if kindness is not inherent in you, that means you have have not earned the virtue, it is okay to preted to be kind, as it will grow into you, virtousness will come. Is it virtousness or virtousity?

Whooow, I am digressing, I was going to share with you, what I served during this breakfast. Honestly, I was going to suggest to just meet at a diner, but L was rather rushed during her turn, and I felt I need to return the compliment. 🙂

Cooking is such a joy for me, it is also while cooking that I formulate all this ideas, the beginning of a social construction :).

Anyway, the blueberry muffin was from James McNair’s Breakfast, except that I thought I had maple syrup, alas! I threw it away, there was maple sugar which I can’t find.  It turned out a little light, which is good. It didn’t contribute to the grief of my arteries.

Here’s the recipe:

Then I made fritata, like most of the items that I create is dependent on what is in the fridge, so for this:
olive oil to saute
half a head of onion cubed
zuchini, cut in cubesbaby spinach (i like to cut the stems – this is an optional step)

4 eggs
milk or water as a softening agent for eggs
basil, optional
pepper and salt
cheese (can be cubed or grated) (I can’t find my cheese grater so I used the
citrus zester, it worked.

Preheaat oven in 250 or don’t turn off your oven after you have removed your muffins, in a medium-sized pan, heat olive oil, then caramelized the onions, followed by the zuchini, sprinkle a little salt (not sure it if changes the water content of the zuchini, once it is wilted, add the spinach. While this is cooking, in a mixing bowl beat the eggs with the milk, add a little salt and pepper. Once the spinach is wilted, but not totally cooked, pour in the egg, fold a little so that the egg mixture will sit at the bottom of the pan. At this time, you want the fire to be on low or medium, once the egg has settled or firmed a little, top with cheese, finish  cooking in the oven, broiled but very slow and should be in the middle position. You are only cooking the top and melting the cheese without burning. Serve on pan, can be served with creme fraiche or sour cream. Side of bacon, fresh fruit for dessert, which I forgot to serve.

I like to make meals where there is versatility and flexibiity of ingredients, that I am not tied to one method and limited to certain ingredients.  There is no creation in the process but rather the implementation or the execution of someone else’s creation.

Wait, that is just 3 hours or so of my Saturday, there is more gastronomic activities done during the weekend.



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