>Thoughtful Recipe Coconut Ice Cream: Personal Summers, a Tribute to Women

>I first heard of personal summer in a play called, “Menopause: The Musical”. While it was a hilarious play, it brought some realities that women had to deal with, “personal summers”.  This significant events in women’s lives are very personal and varies in its manifestation. For some, there is a lot of physical challenge, the personal summer occuring in the dead of winter. The imbalance being more pronounced in others than the rest.

There is also that psychological challenge of being incomplete, that something very important is missing that their essence as a woman, effectively changing their beings, making them feel less of a woman.  What they are forgetting that what comes with that phase is that maturity, that wisdom of knowing that only a woman has.

It is really no big deal for a personal summer to arrive. It is great that there is no more of those pesky monthly visits of mother nature, women have to deal with personal summers instead.

Then, there is this thing called pica. It is an extraordinary craving mostly by women, unusual because sometimes it is a craving for non food items. Soap, cigarette ash, my mom when she was conceiving me had a craving for young mango leaf from a specific tree. The tree that is perched  near a river that can be reached from a bridge, ha ha and my dad had to be the one to get it.  It is indeed a psychological phenomenon, which the enterprising ones are capitalizing on by providing food items that comes in different forms, i.e. rock, etc.

That makes us special, eh! As a special treat, how about some coconut ice cream. I followed this recipe  from whole foods, it was perfect. The churning took longer than if I was using dairy, which made me wonder if it was going to work, ha ha…

egg is an important ingredient to ice cream making,


Ice Cream Maker
heavy bottom pot


4 eggs
1 can coconut milk
1 can cream of coconut
1 cup sugar or less
coconut flakes

In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs, sugar, cream and the cream of coconut once the sugar is sufficiently melted, put in a heavy bottom pot. In slow fire heat the mixture without boiling or the eggs will cook and curdle. So as soon as the mixture will stick to the ladle (the test of consistency) transfer to the mixing bowl and cool.

Once cooled, put in the ice cream maker and following the directions of the equipment churn until the desired consistency is achieved. Add remaining ingredients gradually.  If a harder ice cream is desired, put in freezer before enjoying.

 To combat personal summers, ice cream is the best, but you want to make your own so that the sugar is controlled, creaming ingredients can also be substituted, like cassava or tapioca flour instead of cream. The tapioca and flour ideas are from my mom, she used to make ice cream using cassava flour without the ice cream machine.  I can’t remember if we enjoyed it, but she is one to experiment.  She became a wife and mother without knowing how to cook, became a grandmother and a great-grandmother cooking up a storm.



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