>G is for Good Food and Good Friends

>Are you one of  those who can easily move on, tossing outdated magazines without looking back? Just moving forward? I can’t, I have a stack of magazines, unlistened outdated podcasts, that I hope to get back to, even drafts of unfinished posts, hoping that I will be able to complete. There is just so much to go back to before one can move forward. Recipe for life.  Here is one of the old posts.

Before we moved to our present office, three units were cramped in one floor while construction is going on in the other floor.  Quasi-strangers were discovering the other members of the firm whom we would otherwise not know.  I had a new neighbor G, I worked with her a few years ago and would just say hello.  I saw her in a Shakespeare in the park show, “The Taming of the Shrew” her son was so young then. Now, her son is already going 18.

I am slow that way, I don’t plunge unceremoniusly into things, a Filipino trait, we dance and skirt around until we are sure that it is the right thing to do. Hence, I have alot of treasure friends who are still with me to this day, even friends from Kindergarten.

Anyway, I found that she majored in Nutrition in college and knows her food flavor and color that we became friends and Friday lunch buddies.  We have tasted and compared flavors and appreciated our lunch hours. Hardly do we talk about work or the personalities at work.  We talk more about what we are planning to cook during the weekend. In fact we are going to set a cooking session in her new kitchen, in their new house, but before that we are going to go crazy at the Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley.

Started to share with her my cooking travails and experimentation and of course the postings here.  She shared some goodies with me too:

Cashew Nuts that I enjoyed at a Sound of Music Sing Along, a post for another day

My favorite, persimmons rich vitamin C and has antioxidants
I also got to taste her Christmas cookies, pretty tasty.. I will probably be able to convince her to be a guest blogger here and share with us her wonderful creations.

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