>Gadgets: French/Dutch Oven


Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 5-1/2-Quart Round French Oven, Red
They call it dutch ovens if you can use it on stove top and in the oven Le Crueset and
Staub they are the best to cook with. The flavors are infused cooking time is significantly reduced.
Staub Limited Edition 5 3/4 Oval Cocotte with Bonus Mini Cocotte Set, Grenadine
Because it is made of solid iron, it is heavy and therefore a pain when cleaning but that I don’t mind it is just a great thing in the kitchen.  A little pricey, but it has a lifetime warranty and they will replace it with regular wear and tear.  Sorry, do I sound like I am a spokesperson for the french ovens? I grew up with iron pots, hardly anything like these ones, also good. You hardly run the risk of burnt offerings and food cooks evenly.  There was a blogpost that I read advising folks who are furnishing their kitchens the first time, not to overdo it.  A rice cooker two of these babies are all that’s needed, one for stewing and the other for deep frying.  You don’t have to have a separate gadget for everything.
My trick for these hard to justify, high ticket items, is to have a separate account that takes a small amount from my paycheck, the cost of coffee or similar expense, before you know it, you have more than enough to purchase.

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