>GTG: Honorary member, the honor of belonging

>Jaime Fox on Robert Downey, Jr.,  “you are an honorary black man, because you have been in jail twice”.  Statement by a black man to a white man, without offending any sensibilites, becaase it was said a black man on a black subject.

The same thing was mentioned at a dinner party I attended some weeks back, there was a Chinese guy, who has a PhD in Chemistry, not that it mattered, but he will say something negative about the Chinese culture, followed by a clarificatory remark that he is Chinese, therefore he can say it.

It was a lovely dinner that one, hosted by a friend, it was the first time that I went, she has been inviting me ever since I met her, it was always in conflict with another event or there is no means to get there. This time another friend is going so that was kewl.

It was an interesting mix and so conversation flowed from smoking pot, sex and the stand of the pope on condoms. tesla cars, trips, etc. because of the different background opinions also differs. Some of the remarks:

I was not Catholic but I studied in Catholic schools, so I guess it was okay, by my parents too, to convert me, although they weren’t successful. I lived in Italy, even the Italians don’t take it that seriously.

Can’t stay in Turkey for more than a week, if you like pork, you will start to miss it.

Everything that we say or do is a sin and we are going to go to hell.

There were at least 2 people from different cultures and who have not smoked pot their whole lives. They don’t find a reason to.

The sad thing about the media is when they highlight certain issues, for example the comment of the Pope about the use of condoms. They stopped listening after that, they didn’t hear the qualifying statement that a prostitute who uses condoms so as not to spread disease is showing remorse and cautions for the exercise of profession and is therefore exercising a Christian conscience. But still the use of condom by a husband and wife as not being accepted in church still holds.

It seems that smoking pot is not gauged by a person’s intelligence but rather how content he is with his life, Lordy has to factor in on this right? For where do you gain your contentment and the natural joys of life but from him.

I find that people have their own convictions, whether it is just based on hearsay, well thought of, or plain belief in the truth, and to dissuade them will be a lost cause. Rather to plant the seed of new ideas or to show the benefits and joys reaped from my belief is something worthwhile to do. Respect for others is a virtue stemming from God’s desire for us to show compassion and love for one other no matter what circumstance they may have.

Have you hear of the new Tesla cars, these are the new electric cars, manufactured in the Palo Alto and will now be manufactured in the old Nummi plant, efficient production, marketed and sold inhouse. There will be not dealership. A different model altogether but looks promising, they have a waiting list for their 100K priced cars and later they will start to manufacture and sell affordable sedans.

Have not seen these but I heard there were 3 cars, Saturn included, different manufacturers, same size, shape just different logo, now that’s making fun of the consumers.

Thanks Mari for such a wonderful dinner, and if you like it, feel free to share your recipe for pinacolada and the other wonderful food that you served.

Note: GTG is get together not got to go, a misnomer wouldn’t you say so?

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