>Living Simply

>St. Claire, poverty of the soul, living simply, possessed by Jesus…

I am Catholic, you know that, I believe and study the lives of saints. St. Claire is one that I admire, she chose to live simply, so that she will not be distracted and so she can devote her life to Jesus. Sometimes, I have to check myself about my love for the process of preparing food, that I may be remiss, and get too hang up on it. Just as Dave Lettermen mentioned in his tv show, clip above, we are not contented with just one food channel, there has to be a second food channel. Notice how there are restaurants upon restaurants trying to outdo each other as being the best, trying to satisfy that need to be the first to experience, to taste.  So, if I look at that desire deeper, do I see pride?

Ah, we just can’t escape from those deadly sins, always tempting us to be distracted from Lordy. So, if I get into too much food entries or restaurant reviews will you remind me about it? I do get carried away sometimes. 🙂

There has to be purpose and meaning to what I do, not just being able to goble up food and stuff my face ha ha..


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