>The Power to Think

>I have a host of drafts, drafts of ideas, thougthts, materials that mesmerized me into creating something that I felt worth posting at that time. It all stems from our power to think, make our thoughts soar to an infinite flow of ideas of interpretations, an endless realization of this tremendous gift from God.

Image from spiritwest.com

 Inded, if we don’t have that power to think, have our imaginations run wild, we will be eating nothing colorful. I for one will not appreciate the texture, the flavors and the different colors of food. We will be like robots, that don’t think and not do anything pleasant. Wait, robots are created by humans if humans didn’t think therefore we will not have robots.

It is amazing isn’t it that the capability to think is taken for granted and yet without our sense of being will be gone. I wonder if our sense for God will be there.


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