I’m back!

Yeah, somemhow moving to blogspot didn’t cull any creative writing for me, it didn’t feel right to write.. I tried to monetize, heck in this economy who wouldn’t try but google disabled my account, perhaps I keep on clicking at the ads. Not by evil designs mind you, but because the ads were interesting to me.

It’s been a long time since I posted, not that there is nothing to write but there was no occurence, I realized that the fun in cooking is not as joyful as I thought it would be if i am only going to write about it and take pictures. Which, I did, I have so much to share. I think the major event was me moving to a 1920’s apartment building, it is a studio, probably rented to struggling immigrants at that time.  I love it, also love that it is close to whole foods, and a few steps to the Cathedral and my workplace.  Enormous closet space makes me organize, the downside though is that it doesn’t have a garbage chute nor an insinkerator, everything had to be bagged and brought down to the garage.

The lobby is just beautiful, the decor looked like it had a water fountain, with water gushing out of a lion head.  Now it is covered with dirt and a plant ib the middle. There are f posts and greenish brown ceramic tiles.. oh, i just love it.  I am waiting for my friends to let me take pictures of them in nice poses to include in my portfolio.

It’s been a year since Tatay passed, it was his birthday 2 days ago, when I was about to shed a tear, Lordy said to me, what is the grief for, he is with me now, if he was with you, you will be complaining about him anyway.  Waahhh, He is so right. I had to smile and acknowledge the truth abou that statement. As I said before, I am realizing that he tried to be a good Dad and he was successful because we turned out to be happy kids.

Work is still fun for me, I still enjoy going to work and actually delivering work products, I still work crazy hours, because I start late. A new a new employee/PM raised an eyebrow, when he was going out to lunch and I was just coming in.

Writing from a new mini with a miniature keyboard that I can’t figure out how to network with the momma puter, so I can’t attach pictures.

But I would like to say hello and perhaps pull posts from blogspot and post some of the old drafts.  Boy, we have a lot of catching up to do. Hope you’re doing well, dear readers.



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