Mussels (Tahong)


I love mussels, such that there is a bar in my hood called Sidebar that I frequent because of their mussel Mondays. They do miss sometimes, like when their chef used a lot of Pernod such that the flavor is ruined and what I got was a bitter taste.

Speaking of Pernod, I first found out about this drink from the movie Gotcha! many years back, and I still remembered. Anthony Edwards was just starting then.

There are 2 kinds that I know of, there is the New Zealand one, which is black and the Italian which has a green edge like the one pictured above. This shell fish is very versatile, you can make soup, bake, grill, or add to sea food dishes, such as arroz valenciana and many others.

and this one from Sidebar

I remember the first time I had mussels was when Tatay brought some from the market, we wondered how different it was from the other sea shells that we had, and that started our love affair with mussels. Being from the Philippines and in the metropolitan area at that there is always the risk of getting sea food when there is a high pollution level such that consumptions of mussels is not permitted. They call it red tide, I guess, mercury levels were high that it is deemed to be a detrimental to one’s health.

Try some, if you haven’t.


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