Sea Grapes (Ulat)

found on multiply c/o jojo, pending permission

Growing up in the Philippines we have the luxury of access to fresh sea foods. The ubas dagat was introduced to us by my brother. He worked for the Geological Company and was on assignment most of the time.

He was able try different cuisines, food culture, you in Asia we eat almost anything, don’t cringe now, you know the most expensive and delicious food are not just a blob of meat. :). Salad would most of the time have vinegar or tomatoes and onions.

I would like to say that it reminds me of caviar, it pops when you chew on it such that the juices, which is a little sea tasting, with the tomatoes can be surprising. I know, I would always describe it as my taste buds is being assaulted by different flavors all at the same time, such that it feels like that my mouth is having a party.

A very good appetizer indeed. Best paired with grilled or fried fish or meat.

Courtesy of Alindog
Am sure that other cultures have discovered this too, I know I have seen versions of this from the Chinese or Japanese cuisine.

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