What’s for dinner mom?

I posted this on Facebook and the other images below, I frequent Chinatown, most Sundays when I go to attend Mass at the Cathedral, sometimes I don’t really have anything that I want to buy, but I enjoy watching the bustle of activity of the place.

There are the turtles, have not tried it, only heard of turtle soup..

WM1: Is there anything that you don’t eat?
Me: Oh, I don’t think I have tried snakes.
WM2: Oh, not that kind, just regular foods.
Me: Not sure, I eat almost anything, of course there are favorites, that is I will choose pork over veggies anytime.

 I have tried them fried or in coconut milk, but the ones that I did try were from rice fields/paddies. Hopefully no fertilizers or DDT were used.

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