Tiramisu and pasta..

 Last week, (which was over a y ear ago)  we went out to dinner at Milano’s restaurant on Grand Avenue not my first foray. But it looked like there are new owners and place has been revamped a bit.  The food is the same, a  little flat, not very inviting.

No, not being a snob but sometimes I wonder where the chefs are these days. There are the recent grads, there were those who came from a stint in Europe and other international kitchens. But why is it that even the restaurants with a Michelin rating doesn’t seem to be as palatable as the ratings and reviews purport to be. I guess the good ones are on telelvision making themselve more popular, but who’s minding the kitchen?

I know that fresh ingredients can be expensive, but there are flavors that appears to be boxed out of Price Club.  Sorry Milano, I do like you and the management, they even gave me a coupon for a fund raising that we did at work.  Maybe a new chef? The location is great really the restaurant itself is great the folding walls are opened during the summertime allowing for dinner al fresco.

But hey, not all of it is downhill, the tiramisu was presented so wonderfully, such an eyecandy.

Please try to visit Milano’s maybe an increased patronage will make them review their flavors.


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