Monday..the Weekend is Over..

Yup, it is Monday and I am not ready yet.  I have yet to clean the kitchen and put away laundry.  Take note laundry,  the machine conked out on me, that I had to rewash 2 loads.  Hmm, that is too much details.

Anyway, that was so many moons ago, I have since then moved to a 1920’s brick building with moldings and crystal door knobs and drawer pulls. So much closet space but no bedroom ha ha, I was trying to be green. Whew, that was a lot of work, I have installed shelving, bore enough holes on the walls enough for it to crumble.  It was a great place, I had given up some furniture, replaced the sound system as the old one was so boomy, my mistake, I should have sprung for a Bose unit.

This itty bitty unit has a walk in closet too, so i installed a hanger bar and an extra shelf and, 2 smaller one to hold the “products.”  There is a closet for the jackets and purses, one for shoes, and one for the mounting kitchen gadgets. You can tell I am really glad that I moved, it is just so much fun with the way things are organized or the lack of it to do my work.


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