A call to religious life…


I am so lucky to witness Lordy calling my friends to live a life of faithfulness with Him.  Each year, we celebrate somebody joining the nunnery, more recently an ordination to the priesthood.  It was funny, the weekend before, he stood as godfather to our friends’  daughter’s baptism and the following week he was ordained.

It was a moving ceremony, later on to receive his blessing as a priest, a very moving one indeed.

More recently, Theresa of  http://pursuedbytruth.blogspot.com/ was accepted as a novitiate and is on her way with the Daughters of Saint Paul.  Can you sense, my how I wish I was doing the same? I did ask her on her last visit, she was also a godparent in that baptism, how many shoes she is allowed to have.  Four black ones she replied. Ha ha that is a damper, I guess I am too secular, too materialistic to be a part of that world.

I have friends who joined the monastic life, one who is going to be a teacher nun, and many others wanting and waiting for direction from Lordy to be His bride.

I was imagining their life of sheer joy almost carefree being with Him, but I was corrected instantly, religious life is not without struggle, is not without pain, it can be a dark existence despite the closeness with Lordy.

Hence their request for prayers.. this post is in their honor, the countless brothers and sisters choosing religious life to be with Lordy to be the protector of our souls.

My prayers are with you.


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