Argo, the movie..

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The movie was suppose to be a thriller, but one can hardly get the “thrilled” effect if the story is based, even if loosely so, on a true story. What it did, to me at least was made me aware of such events having occurred. having been overwritten by newer events in history.

The attempt to build the crescendo into a climactic fruition was not successful, maybe because it was trying to create a real-life flatness that it failed to capture the desired effect. I am talking about the cinematic effect, the story and the heroism of Mendez is something to be remembered, it was not known to me until now.

Stories like this, puts hope in our future seeing that there members of the society who are working with their conviction and with their purpose in their hearts and not just plain politicking.

Thanks to Afleck, Clooney, and the rest of the team, for choosing such meaningful materials, they are true to their arts and are responsible citizens.

It wouldn’t hurt to watch it.


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