Giving up Tomorrow…

I first heard of  Paco Larrañaga from a blog by Market Manila, a Filipino foodie, giving an account of the movie of this title. I was surprised that a blue blooded Pinoy was not spared by such brutality and senselessness of purpose. Why did I say that, for it is normally the faceless ones that pay the prize, the ones who take the blame.

Rolando Galman, a non entity assassinated Benigno Aquino, then a Presidential opponent and a constant critic to the Marcos administration. But as I was ruminating on this post, I was reminded of Maureen, who was killed by the son of Chief Justice Teehankee, it was not too long ago that the son of then Senator Freddie Webb was accused to have allegedly rape and murdered a daughter of a US migrant.

These are but a few accounts of senseless killings, an eradication of life, a thievery of tomorrow, it is endless.. What about 9/11 or the recent killings in Connecticut. Why??

Is life so hard and tragic that it needs to be squeezed out, but who is it hard for? The perpetrator? The victims, the family, the onlookers..

Today, being the last Sunday of advent, the priest asked the parishioners, What do we think Jesus wants to give us? and What do we think Jesus want us to give him? I can only think, that Jesus have always wanted us to love one another, unconditionally, a love for others with the same intensity as we love Him.  It must be hard as these things keep on happening. We are letting the devil win.  So, in my own little way, I am going to try more fervently to love other unconditionally, no matter what. Maybe, we start to do it ourselves, others will follow.

This can’t go on, we can’t let anyone give up tomorrow. They are entitled to it as much as we do.

Can we?


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