Foodie or gastronome..


Foodie or gastronome? There was a time when everybody is a foodie, such that the term was described in the urban dictionary as a douchebag who likes food.  Gastronome, on the other hand is person who likes food, the whole process, from the preparation, presentation, texture and flavor.  Someone who just doesn’t stuff their faces and burp with satisfaction but rather imagines the taste, the way it was prepared to the plating culminating in the actual savoring.  It makes it artful, mind  you it is not pretense at all, it is an appreciation to fine food.

I was reminded when a friend from India, he has traveled to Europe, studied in Chicago and is living in the South Bay, he can’t understand the Asians ‘ love for chicken feet, he said it is nothing but cartilage, no flavor, and is hard to digest.  I don’t like chicken feet but there are foods that I like that will make the weakies shudder.  I said it is the texture that makes it good, how it  teases the tongue, the crunchiness of each bite with the surprising flavor of the sauce makes it all worthwhile.

The picture above is balut, a fertilized duck egg, eaten boiled, souffle, adobo, battered and deep fried, and many other ways that the Filipino gastronome has discovered. It is the process that makes it enjoyable eh!


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