Kuhol and other accident prone delights..

ginataang kuhol..

If you’re from the Philippines, you would have tasted this fine delicacy of kuhol (escargot in French) cooked in coconut milk, simmered until it is reduced to an oily sauce. Not to worry, coconut oil is good for you. Eaten with rice, the meat is can be sucked or picked with a seafood meat picker or a toothpick. it is so good. The Chinese chef would prepare it with black beans while the French would cook it with butter and brandy.

I honestly have not tasted fresh escargot, it is always from the can, even if it is from a restaurant.  It is canned and presented in shells pictured below. In white linen restaurants, the escargot being so hot is picked from the plate with a tong like contraption and the content picked by a fork.

All versions are good, but the reason for this post is not to salivate over this round shells but to explore what if I am in a white linen restaurant and enjoying these shells and it just went bye-bye flying to the next table. Hah, will I ask the waiter to please fetch it for me or ask the person on the table where it landed to please return my food to me.

Ha ha, am sure it has crossed your mind, just as there are tips to date dining, like don’t drink red wine as it stains the mouth making one unattractive. Or if you don’t know how to eat something, wait for someone that y. It was said that Jose Rizal while at a European restaurant, didn’t know what to order, heard someone ordered lobster and waited for the person who ordered first to see how to eat it.  These days there is no protocol anymore and the advent of the internet has definitely assisted in those dilemmas.

You may have heard of the hand wash bowl being mistaken for soup, the wasabi or the ginger for the tempura being eaten whole because they didn’t know or not too observant to figure it out. Because our culture would rather not embarrass a person by calling their attention than see someone in an uncomfortable situation.

Back to the original posit of this post, what would you do when faced with those situations without losing your cool, calm, and collected poise 🙂

escargot shell



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