Thoughts on the perceived fallen..




A friend recently blogged about her feelings on Fr. Corapi, a priest disrobed and disowned by his congregation. Her first feeling was obviously that of disappointment. For how could this priest who has a large following erred against teaching that  he was espousing. After that momentary rush of emotions, she realized that he needs more prayers than ever.

I have been mulling over this and came to a realization that we are somewhat responsible why our robed brothers are falling.  I said that because sometimes, when we are impressed with someone especially one who has influenced us in better understanding God, we tend to rely so much on that person-in a sort of adulatory way.  Doing so, feeds on his ego making him forget that he is doing it for God and that it is also a gift from God that he is only an instrument of God to help bring us closer to Him.  Does that make sense?

One observation is that sometimes some parishioners tend to suck up (for luck of a better term) to their priest giving gifts of expensive cheeses, wines, clothes and other  material things. They do have a vow of poverty and providing them with luxurious items will distract them from their vows.  How many have we seen, who live the life of luxury, how will the be compassionate to those who are marginalized if they are sporting designer clothing.

They are also humans and can be susceptible to temptation, therefore instead of aiding the devil we should be helping them fulfill their vows and walk the right path.

To make things worse, the proverbial accusing finger is so easily raised and pointed to the erring instead of helping find the solution. There is an old adage, “when you point a finger, your three others are directly pointing at you”. yes, we are judgmental, instead of helping someone rise up from the muck one is in, we just look and put blame.


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