eternal nothingness

I have always regarded death as a phase where we will all eventually land into.  Catholic teachings speak of it tatay

Have you ever wondered about death, our own.. when eternal nothingness pervades. As a Catholic, I have always believed that death as a  passage and should not be dealt with grief but rather of acceptance. I have always presumed that it is the selfishness of the ones left behind to hold on because they did not want to fill the void left by the deceased. For the deceased there is also selfishness of  not wanting to go, defying Lordy’s plans because we think we are the only ones who can fulfill our life’s goals.

Jesus, in the Bible mentioned of our readiness all the time, for we don’t know when our time will come. But what is readiness? Does that mean that we need to have lived our lives to the max, that we have had the best sex of our lives, the best foie gras, enjoying the life of luxury ignoring Lazurus by the entrance waiting for scraps, making sure our bucket list has the best travel destination-the paradiso in earth.  I think NOT, i thing it is more of the readiness to be with Christ, that we are not looking back to see that we failed to show love and compassion to the next person. Our failure to see beyond the material things that is enveloping a person, rather the goodness of their hearts.  Did we spend our lives enriching ourselves making sure that we are successful but neglected to extend a hand to the needy.  The readiness that God is seeking is that we have lived according to his will and have completely trusted in Him and venerated Him all others doesn’t matter.


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