I’m old and cute, I have concluded, as I lay musing..

It is indeed amusing, what one can come up with when musing on this thing called life. Last year I was 54, I decided to pack my bags, leave the Bay Area and retire in  the Philippines.  With very little notice I did that, bought a house, construct, until I got sick partly because of exhaustion.. Syet, my being sick didn’t show my that “prideful” vulnerability, or was not humbled.. No, it showed me that I was loved prayers went to Lordy from all over asking that I be freed and be able to take a new leash in life.

Do you remember when we were in college we want to be freed of this bondage from our parents, that we want to live the way we want to, little do we know that the values that they have instilled on us will forever be inculcated in our minds to guide us. Or when we start to make our own money that we gained independence, but something is holding us back, there is that tentative steps, the uncertainty if we are making the right choices.  When we realized, that OMG it is not me and my ass alone that’s doing all these.  Heck, if Lordy didn’t allow this, it will not happen. What I have, what I am, is a gift from  God and therefore I should be grateful for it, for in the general scheme of things I am nothing but a dot, I am a part, but I am not the totality. Ha ha, what a concept.

Here comes 50, the golden years.. my friends have children and grandchildren and I am basking in the glory of God, it was so momentous that I found Him, His meaning and totally understood Him. Hey I have a good job, I have money to   buy gadgets but most of all there is contentment in my heart..

So if I may share what I have learned from all this, you a child of God is important.. therefore the way your life should be charted is between you and God alone,e the benchmark is not some kid of media illusion but something that your heart desires. Success is now how much money you have, but how many people you have shown love and compassion too-such that at the end of the day you are smiling instead of stressing about that signature shoes or credit card bills.

But most importantly, believe in yourself, what you are and what you can do. Savor and enjoy life.. don’t preface your happiness and joy with things like if I had the money, a guy, a career, etc. just close your eyes and bask in what God has given you and you will see that what you are looking for is really not what’s going to make you happy..

Bow…I am old and cute..


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