This is probably the second week that we are at Lani’s, because of the painting and the construction work being done at our house and my recent health scare, we just had to stay out until it is safe for us to do so. So, we are staying at Lani’s, she is a good friend’s sister-in-law and a neighbor. She took us in gave us their kids’ bedroom and just took care of us. My brother, Alindog is in one of his forays, in and out of the house, managing the house project, the boarding house that has only one boarder-but that is another story, and his personal life of course. So everytime he comes visit us here, he would bring something special for Lani to try, on top of that Lani has been doing a lot of cooking too..


Our regiomal cuisine is mostly cooked in coconut milk, something that other regions don’t have the luxury of.  Because Southern Luzon is where the coconut plantations are, so there is an abundance of anything coconut. There is coconut milk, coconut oil, bi-products of coconut are also used in the production of soap and other products. But I am digressing, tomatoes is in season and us super cheap, my Alindog is saying about 20 PHP per kilo, that’s just 50 cents.  He cooked in in coconut milk. This is a good side dish with fried or stewed fish to top on rice..yum..


Then Lani made this stewed bangus (milkfish) in tomatoes and chili, the chili is not fully cooked so that the juice don’t transfer in the sauce for the benefit of the zero spice like me.  It was so tender that you can suck on the bones with gusto.


This is puto from goldilocks purchased to complement the dinuguan below..


This is dinuguan, pork blood stew, so chunky and thick, so yummy.  If you are new to this cuisine, this is cooked by sauteeing the meat until it is crunchy, onions, and vinegar, seasoned with pepper and salt.  Once, everyhing is cooked blood that has been strained and pressed of solid parts is added and constantly stirred to avoid curdling. Note though, that when you add vinegar don’t stir it until it boils, otherwise it will have a strong vinegar smell instead of tasting it.


Have you heard of ferns used as food. we Pinoys are so creative that we can find flavor in everything, Alindog brought a bunch of this ferns, which my mom picked the good leaves and Lani sauteed it in onions, crab sticks, and tomatoes. We also make salad in vinegar with these ferns..

Dare I tell you what the dessert is? It is sylvannas from Laguna and pakwan, paapaya, and star apple, but that’s a story for another day.

So full..


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