Now for Lunch-sinigang and bulanglang na himbabao (Broussonetia luzonica)

Went to the house to see the progress, had a discussion about the shelf/drawer, disappointed that it didn’t result to the way I want it. It seems that the carpenter has a different idea than what I want. Phooey.. Went back to Lani’s, before we left she had pork belly sinigang going on;

As soon as we got back, my aunt came laden with vegetables, dried fish, and fresh fish, effectively upsetting Lani’s lunch menu. By the way, for breakfast we had macaroni soup.  She is a superwoman indeed, she even makes her own bed linens and comforter. So my aunt brought a young squash, which you cook without removing anything cut it to size and add to bulanglang. The bulanglang is cooked with water used to wash the rice for the day, simmered with either ginger or tomatoes, not and or. You can add other vegetables, in our case we added patani (lima bean) and himbabao. Not really sure where the himbabao came from but it is very nutritious and tasty.


Jessi the help fried fish, not so pretty here as so used a different turner, it’s the weekend anyway, we don’t care as long as there is food he he,,


All in all it was great, topped with bagoong (anchovy sauce) from Pangasinan with calamansi.

Yum, to bad we’re going back to the house tomorrow.. back to the chaos..


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