Dinner at Stella/Rocketroom in Taguig

Three months after I arrived, we were able to finally meet friends from the old first jobs of so many years ago. It was momentous. For the many years that we’ve known each other, not necessarily keeping in touch, carried a baggage called life. Certainly, there were trials and tribulations along the way.  There were no discussions however, just a hug and a little welling of tears and the emotions were conveyed. What a joy! Most of us had our first jobs there, that’s where we grew up in our careers, where we developed our work ethics, or NOT. We were mentored by the best..what memories we had.

There were folks that they met along the way and invited to join us there were no first meeting moment everybody just dove in. That folks is how grown ups dine, adjourning at 10:00 because the place turned into a party place.

But let me tell you about the restaurant, Stella/Rocketroom. When they told me about the venue, I looked it up online, not sure if there is yelp in the Philippines, also folks does not seem to be too animated with their reviews here. My online info said Italian/Spanish – the Italian seems to be on the pizza side.  The have an outside sitting for smokers, he he, the decor is unpretentious. The food is divine.

Of course, for appetizers, we had cheeses, bruschetta, and different kinds of ham, best eaten with a glass of wine. We had two different salads both good, pizza, beef belly, my first time to taste but oh so heavenly. It was a melt-in-your mouth dish on a thick tomato base sauce. There was fish, I guess it wasn’t that impressive that I can’t remember it. There was also pork barbecue, equally forgettable, not because it is not good, but it doesn’t stand out.  You know, after your palate has been assaulted with different flavors, anything less becomes ordinary.

For dessert, we had flourless chocolate and red velvet cakes.. yum..


This is I think the salad with pork belly.


This has arugula and such, with vinaigrette, reminds me of California.


One of the appetizer plates, oh so good.. oh one of the cheeses has a side of fruit syrup, perfect combination. I’d recommend a visit.


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