It was Dad’s death anniversary last Friday, but we decided to visit him yesterday, Sunday. Except for the eldest, who is overseas, we managed to be in full attendance.Image

Folks still brought food, no coffee however, my mom had a plate made for Dad, so that he will not feel left out.  I know, funny right with water included. There was macaroni in red sauce, balut, pan de sal, and cookies, good enough to sustain us until the next stop. Lunch at Riza’s place somewhere in the area.

Candles were lit, my SIL, Sarah brought the flowers. So we hang out with Dad for awhile, prayed the rosary for the eternal repose of his soul.

I brought up the idea again about my mom and my desire to move Dad to a columbarium closer to the city so that Mom can visit him more often. Of course, I received disagreement from my younger brother, who things that he is the “padre de familia” :). I was saying, if we are gone, do you think the young ones will visit? That’s how forward thinking I am.

Conversations would always lead to reminiscing. It was a cold morning and I was stretched beside Dad, remembering how we would all like down and just talk nonesensical stuff. Stories of long ago, some not openly discussed were brought up, we were not judging about the historical stuff that lead to our existence, we just want to know, to which my mom readily supplied.

All in all it was a fun day, there was still that bit of awkwardness, like a guttural sound in this family dynamics, something that I don’t understand. Are we being overly sensitive that we are forgetting that we are family and should love each other and cease to put meaning in everything action or words. Even the threat of my demise didn’t fix anything.  I guess I just have to wait for Lordy to intervene.


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