As I was watching..(rantings and ravings)


As I was watching the world is revolving around me, my frustration mentioned in the previous post was just one setback. There are joyful events, when I was hospitalized my best friend forgot that she was mad at me and just prayed to Lordy that I be spared–so grateful for that we are back in each other’s arms. Didn’t realize how much I missed her.

The house is a mess, dust everywhere, the paint job was sloppy, the kitchen was a failure, I dismissed the contractor with a threat to sue for non performance and to tell his family what a j..k he has become. There has been family reunions, graduations, weddings, joyful events, but also the untimely passing of people who are dear to us. This is not the best time to  be in the Philippines, it is just so hot, blisteringly so, that nothing that I do can make it pleasant. The sans rival or mango bravo can’t stay out in the dining area for an extended period as it will melt. I think we should just have gazpacho and a deli sandwich, alas, that’s not the way we do things here.. warm food it’s gotta be.

So I didn’t know that during my momentary separation from the living , my doctor was telling my family that it is time to take care of my personal affairs, insurance or assets overseas, etc. he probably meant to ask if I have columbarium space.. I did appreciate his forthrightness.. that didn’t shake my fam.. My eldest niece was able to evade spinsterdom, she is getting married in July. Oh speaking of reunion, another niece is on vacay from Norway, we are very pleased with that as she had a good re-connection with her dad, which made Momksy very happy.

A nephew is suffering from chicken pox with effectively cut down his summer vacation, while a cousin is also afflicted with this dreaded pox. Oh our third house helper has again managed to flee a better alternative than my friend Lani’s predicament. Her helper has been feasting on everybody’s cash, she lifted 2k from us too. Even money of her kids and her mom’s fish sale proceeds, that girl is scary. It’s really hard to find a good help nowadays.

Everytime we look outside and see the garden we are reminded how our contractor swindled us of the contract and just provided us with haphazard service. He basically took the money and run, aigoo..No fish in the pond..

It is the period of Lent and I regret that I don’t feel that I am doing my part to be a good Christian, this house project is indeed not good for the soul.


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