Visita Iglesia (church visit) on Maundy Thursday

Visita Iglesia, which originated from the Roman tradition via the Spanish missionaries started as a Eucharistic adoration in different churches, morphed as a pilgrimage in the Philippines. This Philippine tradition consists of praying the Via Crucis (Station of the Cross) in 14 or 7 churches during Maundy Thursday, said to coincide when Jesus is praying in the garden of Gethsemane. It was my first time, we thought of originally going to the churches in Laguna but with the heat we opted to go to the Manila churches and got to discover age-old churches with so much history within short distance of each other. First and Second Station. Church of Dilao – Paco Manila. It was my first time to visit this church, even if we have lived in this neighborhood when I was in college.  We used to go to the Paco Park church. At the time of the renovation of the Cathedral, this church was used as the pro-cathedral.   Image

Second and Third Station. St. Peter the Apostle Parish church


Fifth and Sixth Station. Sta. Maria Goretti Parish,


Seventh and Eighth Stations: St Vincent de Paul Church in Ermita.

St. Vincent de Paul

Ninth and Tenth Stations: Malate Church Used to attend this church when I was in college. It is undergoing renovation as most of the churches that we saw in Manila.

Malate Church

Eleventh and twelfth Stations: Manila Cathedral, another historic church, it was originally owned and governed by the parish of Mexico until it was declayred a separate entity with the issuance of a papal bull. (Friends from Mexico, especially Mari Perez Ruiz, our faith history is indeed entwined, hence a stong affinity eh)


Thirteenth and fourteenth Stations: Church of San Agustin

Church of San AgustinIt was an spiritually fulfilling experience, a humbling one at that,  reminder that the Son of God was sent to die for our sins…


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