Grubs on Maundy Thursday

Halfway through our stations of the cross, we stopped for lunch. We were almost in the gourmet ghetto district of Manila. the problem is though, with so many choices and it being the Holy Week, we had to tame our appetites. We ended up at David’s Tea House, it was not spectacular but it was filling, the familiar taste of dim sum. Oh, how I miss Oakland and San Francisco Chinatown, they have the best dim sum. 

Dimsum at David's in Remedios Circle, Ermita

The tofu dish we had to have for my mom, we ordered other stuff but we didn’t have a chance to capture the image, we were starving.. we also had noodles, vegetable soup, fried rice and something porky.



This is a dim sum sampler, it is okay for the neophytes in the dim sum department, but for us who only shy away for the chicken feet and ducks beak, we wanted more flavor and texture. The next time you are in the area, try it…


David’s Tea House

461 M.H. Del Pilar Street (Corner Remedios Circle)Luzon,Philippines 




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