Fading Summer by Monange

This post is written by Monange, but she didn’t want to be a formal contributor, here goes:

Fading Summer.

I feel like summer slowly fading as the next season comes that I am beginning to count my blessings by the day, at least since I reached my golden year.

There were lots to be thankful for…so much that I am not sure whether I can still track them, but I guess I can line them up as my Life’s Meter:

A family – makes my life complete, though there were times we have difficulties I realized that the most important thing is that we fought the battles together. I have been blessed with parents who enduringly taught me a lot about life itself…resilience, patience, love, faith, and contentment.

I have wonderful kids whose eyes reflects their love and faith in me as a person, and a husband that says ‘I love you’ whenever he feels like saying it, and mean every word of it.

A shelter – a place I come home to every end of even the most gruelling day. With weary eyes and tired feet I can easily crouch on the seat to savour the smell of the would-be dinner.

Friends who make every day worth laughing about, and worth forgetting, too…Now you see them, now you don’t. But at least they’re in my heart forever. They include some whom I never had the chance to meet face to face, but by today’s technology I was able to chat with and exchange humour and nonsense.

My old but reliable car. Its name is Maldita and I love it, and it endured being a very big bin for bits and pieces of my everyday struggle to work, to the supermarket, to the unscheduled trips and weekend outings. It still survives the countless distances, too, to wherever the tank can bring us to.

Some pairs of shoes. We always reach our destinations with them… and mine have weathered tough summers and rainy days… some pairs of shoes that pad my way as I trek down life’s many byways.

Things that I needed and those that were not, which will serve their purpose to those who need them more.

I have some pennies that jingle in my pocket and in my cookie jar. That reminds me that everyday survival is the most important thing. That I have to live my life by the day and savour every moment of it.

I have my faith that always remind me that there’s Someone up there who’s always been watching over me.

Some turns and runabouts that show life is indeed full of roses, and full of thorns, too…

Everyday people that makes me wonder the why’s and how’s… faces of longing, sadness, happiness and awe, worry and gladness, beaming around me like life’s gauge for meaning..

Those hands that stretch out to me whenever I need to have something to cling to, and those ears that listen to whenever and wherever…

I have those places, though limited, that remind of everything that passed …youth, joys, laughter and tears, agony and triumphs…

I have a place to sit and lie just thinking about life…and how it’s gone before and past me…along with my mistakes and lessons learned…

Surely, I have been blessed with so many ups and downs, with more or less of the things I have wanted and needed. For some extra bonus, I have been granted wishes that I wanted for so long.

Life’s meter, indeed, all within my golden years. Though every time I think of how life has become for me, I’m not sure how I’d be measured.

How much more on my twilight?



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