Rant: Bake-me-a-wish cake order

It was my friend’s birthday at goldie-six, I wanted to celebrate her birthday with a surprise. Didn’t post anything in social media, she’s in California, am in the Philippines. So I ordered a cake from bake-me-a-wish. They were touting gourmet and that a portion of the earning will be spent to send cakes to military personnel overseas.  I liked that, the third time that I ordered. My mistake was I didn’t ask my other friend how the cake was when it reached him early this year.

316(1) What I ordered

This is what came. I have no words, but man, this looks like shit.


I communicated with the company, because heck this cake is not cheap and this is not what I paid for. They said they are going to replace, which they did, but what was received is in the same condition. I indicated to them but it may not be the fault of UPS, the package by the way came at past 10:00 in the evening, (shoot, English is my second language but that is not end of the day as they claimed it is). Sent them another message but nada, no response. What the….

This is just not acceptable, what a disappointment.


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