Recipe: Meringue – a Success

Got you there. huh! you’re probably thinking that it is such a foolproof process that anyone can do it.

You may have guessed, my relationship with the oven is one that is non committal, if the result turns out good that I am with it.  My failed bread attempt notwithstanding, I have been wanting to try to make meringue. You’ll probably laugh at me, being it is such a simple process. Not to a pre-beginner baker like me. I used this recipe from BBC, it was quite good, my mom already wanted to make custard with the egg yolks that I will discard.

I used 2 desert spoons instead of a batter pipe, not wanting the mixture to change its consistency.

Hopefully, I will be able to make sans rival after this he he..Sans rival is a filipino dessert, translated without a rival, didn’t bother to check if it is french or italian or non of the above) It consists of a layer of meringue and butter cream topped with cashew nuts.  A favorite of mine.



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