Dining: Antipolo/Marikina Food

Because we left a little early, we only had pan de sal in the car,  it was only a 2 hour drive anyways, still we skipped breakfast.  When we arrived at our destination, the kids were already eyeing the food options, we ended in Jollibee, a local food chain that serves breakfast for lunch and lunch for breakfast. They mainly serve burger, sausages, chicken, and spaghetti.

Outside the church is another story, Antipolo is known for roasted cashew nuts and a host of rice delicacy, suman sa ibus (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, cooked in coconut milk and salt, this is enjoyed with coco jam and coffee or ginger tea). the sticky rice has different varieties, that it is a topic on its own.

The sellers, as entrepreneurs have added other items, religious articles, plants and items that has no connection to the pilgrimage or the city.

My brother heard of the restaurant row along Lilac street in Marikina, I think this is the next town over, we cruised along and ended up in Red’s Fish Head, serving Filipino (more like a cross of Chinese and Spanish cuisine with ingredients local to the region) fare, nothing fancy, more comfort food, tasty and hit the spot.

We had crispy pata (deep fried pork hocks) sinigang (stewed fish head with tamarind as the sour agent), fried chicken, kankong (water chestnut) in oyster sauce, ice cream for dessert, and sago -gulaman (it is called bubble drink in the states with gelatin) for beverage. Hit the spot it did. Oh there is another restaurant called Miguel that gives a discount for patrons with the name of Miguel ha ha only in the Philippines.

That Lilac street is worth a visit if you are in the hood, there are many choices, I saw Japanese, Korean, Chinese, American grill and a lot more.

It was a good trip, we were spiritually and gastronomically nourished.






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