Travel: Our Lady of Peace and Voyage Church, Antipolo, Rizal

Address: Dela Paz St, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

When we were kids, the family-extended ones included (wait maybe we were the extension), would rent a jeepney for an excursion pilgrimage to Antipolo church, it was quite  ways from my hometown. I remember it was truly crowded with so many worshipers/pilgrims and peddlers. Boy were they quick, quck in attaching a medallion of our Lady on a person’s chest.  This is while near or inside the church, outside is another story, there are food sellers everywhere. I never understood it, because the solemnity is lost. I guess my confusion showed when I bit the foot of a baby cradled by it’s mom, with me standing uncomfortably among the crowd.

That was a memory of long ago, we have been back so many times, the more recent one is when my brother took his new van to be blessed, after all, the Lady is a guardian of peace and voyagers.

I don’t remember how the church looked at that time, but the crowd has certainly mellowed.  Although, it could be that because I was so small then, everything seemed huge.

What’s incredible is that despite the crowd, there was solemnity, one can feel the Holy Spirit amongst us.  I know, right? I have matured, the bored and restless kid has somehow left the building.


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