Travel: Dona Jovita Garden Resort, Calamba Laguna

It was a year ago when we first visited this garden resort, along the highway, it was a quick access.  One thing that I don’t like about traveling is so much walking. Between my aging mom and myself, we can be a pain for the group.

It is a sprawling property overlooking Mt. Makiling, tho  on our first visit I can tell that it has seen its glory. Although, clean, it is obvious that it needs maintenance.

There’s a small pool, originally a Jacuzzi right next to our preferred cottage. There are I think 4 or five other pools and of overnight guests there are individual  Jacuzzi pools. For the kids, there is a petty zoo, albeit small, slides and such, there are also a host of Disney figures.

There is a pool table, basketball court, foot ball field, horseback riding, and a beautiful garden for special events.

When we came back, there were evident efforts of upgrade. found out that another group is now managing the property. A zipline is also in the works.

The main draw for us is, the hot spring water, good for aching bones. There are antique figures around the property.  It is relaxing, what with the huge fruit bearing trees, and flowering plants a feast for the eyes.

There are barbecue pits for rent, we brought our own grill for hygienic reasons, he he.  There is a trick to igniting the charcoal easily, that is to put the charcoal on top of the grill,, burn newspaper under it,  then transfer when it is already burning. The resort’s close proximity to the market allowed us to buy fresh fish and eggplants for grilling, fruits and rice cakes are also available. We only brought marinated pork

Los Banos and Caalamba being a traveler’s destination, different kinds of cheeses, yema cake, sans rival (which beats even the best cakeshops in Manila), the famous buko pie, and fruits.



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