Recipe: Caramel Syrup


Remember my post from a few days ago on caramel squares?  The caramel squares that I didn’t wrap individually that got stuck together in a pyrex container. It was good but I had to wrestle with a knife to ply the squares and be able to enjoy.  A bit of a challenge, something that didn’t appeal to my family.

To correct, I made caramel syrup out of it, just as what anyone who likes to cook would do. (My nephew would always say after saying grace “Bon apetit, zero waste”) There you go, I needed to do something with it, so I put the container in hot water to easily remove the contents, heat shrinks the molecules,  from what I remember in high school science.

Put it in a heavy bottom sauce pan, added milk and water, armed with a wooden spoon I got ready for  constant stirring. (I added water to avoid burning) but I wanted the consistency of a syrup. constantly stirring on medium heat and later to a simmer, my mom who has never made a caramel syrup showed me a test, let it drop in water and if it stays, then it’s done. I waited a few more minutes so that when I lift the spoon the contents drips rather than gush. Voila, I have caramel syrup.




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