Recipe: Red Bean Chili and Flour Tortilla turned Roti

It was our group’s early Christmas party (oh what a relief to call it as it is, instead of calling it a Holiday event without offending anyone, am in the Philippines, which is a Catholic country). Originally, it was going to be a catered event, until they decided to spend for a worthy cause and have a potluck. For my share, I brought Red bean chili and flour tortilla that turned into a roti. To do this:


1 small bag of red beans (of course any kind will do)
1 small bundle of celery
red and green bell pepper
chicken (boiled and shredded)
cumin powder
chili flakes
1 packet taco sauce  (Lawry’s)
grated cheese
sour cream


  1. Wash beans thoroughly, picking through for stray “dead floating beans” and foreign objects (just as you would when preparing beans). In  large bowl or pot put water enough to cover the beans and soak overnight.
  2. In a large heavy bottom pot, saute the diced onion and garlic until it has caramelized. Add the beans, that has been rinsed from soaking overnight.
  3. Add the chicken broth from the boiled chicken, and add more water if necessary, good enough to cover the beans. Let it boil (rolling boil and simmer)
  4. When the beans has reached the doneness that you prefer, mash a portion, this will serve as a thickening agent.
  5. Add cilantro, chili flakes (depending on your spice level desired) and the packet of tack sauce.
  6. Simmer some more, until it is really thick add the celery (the stalks are diced and the leaves ribboned) and the diced pepper. Salt to taste.
  7. Serve top with grated cheese of your choice and sour cream, if desired, and tortilla or tortilla chips on the side.

I initially started making this on my instant pot, sauteing the onion and the garlic on a small amount of oil, once the onions has caramelized, put the beans (rinsed from being soaked)  added enough water to cover the beans then set it on beans/chili. The setting read 30 minutes after boiling, I said okay fine, this is good. However, 30 minutes has passed and still it is hard as rock, so changed the setting to slow cook for 3 hours. So I transferred it to a heavy bottom pot, simmered cooked it to the doneness preferred.

Sorry, am sharing this with you so that you won’t make the same mistake I did. I would normally cook this on a slow cooker,  leaving it on overnight or during the day before I  leave for work.

It didn’t take too long to cook on the stovetop, seasoned it as instructed above, transfer to a serving bowl topped with cheese and sour cream.

Flour Tortillas that turned to Roti

While the beans is simmering, I was preparing the flour tortillas, recipe by Cafe Sucre Farine. I followed everything, but I doubted the consistency, it was close to 5 minutes running on my stand mixer and it was still lumpy, so I added water.

See, I have a friend from Mexico, who invited me for dinner and made us prepare our own tortillas as we are getting ready for dinner. I thought that was cool, she never got around to sending me a copy of her recipe.

The additional water, was a definite error (DON’T), because the batter became so sticky that it was sticking to my tortilla press. I persisted, didn’t start a new batch, instead it was rolled, using a french roller, with that consistency it was hard to create a round tortilla, and I think it was too thin, that it was a little crunchy. Hah! and my original plan was to make oven tried tortilla chips.

It did look like tortillas when heated on a pan with all the bubbles and the browned parts. Oh, another tip, don’t let it stay too or put the stove on high heat, as you will have burnt tortilla and smelly flour dust left on the pan, not good.

I followed the recipe and came up with 16 pieces, though. Still I think this is a good recipe it is my execution that was a little erring. Will try again.

I like my food homemade that way I am sure that all the ingredients what they really are and there are no unnecessary preservatives included. Besides, it is fun to discover what I shouldn’t and should do. And the joy of savoring the result of my work, be it a successful or a failed attempt.

Cheers —






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