It was in the 80’s, we just graduated from college (pretty much tells I am approaching senior citizen status) when we, that is my friend SP and I, promised that we are going to her hometown in Capiz when we graduate. Little did I know that just graduating from college will not hack it. We have to find a job that will pay rent and be able to pay bills as an adult. Hah! So many years later, we finally melded our schedules and went to Capiz.  Not just once, but twice he he.

Capiz is the seafood capital of the Philippines, supplying most restaurants in the neighboring areas up to Metro Manila. They also export seafood to Taiwan, Japan and the US. They have a fish drying station.


I would say, that the city has a quiet beauty, nothing grand. a bit rustic which is part of its charm. The province was also affected by typhoons. True, the city doesn’t have the grandeur of other cities, it is unpretentious, the camaraderie of the locals, always helpful especially at pointing directions is notable. I know that this quiet pastoral existence will not be for long, before it gets swallowed by this thing called progress, true that it is good for the economy, already it is host to several BPOs, there are 2 malls, with SM expected to rise in 2018. (The rise of SM in a city signals economic growth.)

Folks hang out in “baybay” a public park, to socialize, picnic, near the area are good restaurants., which I will share in another post.

I love the market, fruits, meat, seafood, of course, livestock, etc. Diwal or angel wing is plentiful only in the area.

Ah, I can go on and on, there’s just so much to see in a vacation mode, you may have guessed that I am the lounging type, if it involves more walking then I better stay in one place.

Cebu Pacific and PAL flies to Capiz directly, if you have fear of flying, you can take a road trip it is called RoRo, where you take the bus and the bus is loaded on a ferry for an inter-island travel or you can take the ship.

Hope you have the chance to visit.

Cheers —


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