Produce: Atis, sugar apple to you or Annona

Atis or sugar apple is common all over, except North America, at least that’s what wikipedia is saying. The scientific name is annona, but in the Philippines there is a fruit called anonas, the same texture but with smooth skin and the color is pinkish orange. The guyabano is slightly bigger and the skin is thorny which seems to be more related to cheremoya, (a fruit that is widely available in California) than to the aits.


Growing up, we had atis trees in the backyard, so when we purchased this house, we thought we will plant the same trees and have that feel of being reminiscent of the old days. We keep saying, “we’re doing it for mom”, but the truth is we want to remember and at the same time share with Nicos, my nephew, how it was then.


Anyway, the tree finally bore fruit, two in fact, which the resident birds just didn’t miss out on.


Hah!, look at that wasted sweet organic goodness..



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